Cloud Phone

Get a business phone number in the cloud that tracks calls so you know your marketing ROI.

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Track Every Call

You spend time and money advertising your business, but do you know what ads, pages, and keywords are driving inbound phone calls? Simplify Local’s Call tracking software can help. Get a number for SEO, PPC, Print Ads, Vehicle Wraps and more. Whatever you want to track, there is a Simplify Local Call Tracking Number.

Local and Toll-Free Phone Numbers

We have numbers available with just about any area code. 

Virtual Receptionist

Setup custom call flows. When calls come in you have many options. Set business hours, offer IVR menu (press 1 for sales, 2 for support), basic forward to one number or multiple numbers at once, cloud voicemail, and more.

Browser Phone and iPhone App

You have the ability to see call history, make calls, send and receive texts all in one place.

Amazing Reporting

Get in depth insights of your callers, track the call history, listen to recorded calls and more.


Our plans include all features including unlimited texts* and 500 call minutes.

*We are partnered with CallRail. You will download the CallRail iPhone app and sign in with your credentials.

*After the included 500 minutes, there will be an overage charge of $0.08/minute.

*Text messages are only available on local numbers. 

*International minutes are not included.